Hi! I'm Jennifer Evans and I'd like to introduce my album “The Last Cheap Hotel” and the songs my brother Griff Evans wrote for it. Putting the songs first, I sing and play in a simple style that I've been honing for years. This style works pretty well, I'd like to think, for the simple songs my brother wrote and for the weary and the downtrodden for whom they were written.  Anyway, I hope you like what you hear.  ”
“As much as I enjoy genre busting bands…I still desire pure folk albums when I dig into my stack of CDs to review… And Jennifer Evans has answered my call perfectly.  She sings a classic folk style… and her guitar work is perfectly styled to handle the original folk songs, written by her brother Griff Evans.  Jennifer Evans is American with roots in Wales and her style balances these styles perfectly. Every song is so firm and direct vocally with pleasant guitar work dancing around the melody.  So dig in folk fans, this is the real deal”.” - David Hintz

— Folkworld

Legendary Oscar Brand, host of Folksong Festival, NYC, the longest running radio show in history, featured “The Last Cheap Hotel” on his tribute radio show to dear friend Pete Seeger. When asked why he would feature an unknown he said simply that ‘these are songs that Pete would have sung’” - Oscar Brand

— Folk Song Festival Radio Show

“The Last Cheap Hotel” was chosen by the dean of DJ’s, Rich Warren, of Chicago as one of 2014’s best albums” - Rich Warren

— Rich Warren - Dean of DJs

“… impressed by her voice…and exceptional level of musicianship on her accompanying guitar playing. Griff Evans' writing is strikingly real and personal.”” - Doug Echols

— WPKN Radio - Bridgeport, CT